Before your surgery:

Here are some handouts to consult before your surgery:

The following questionnaire will be given at your pre-operative appointment:

What to know before your matricectomy:

Before your matricectomy procedure:    This will be a short procedure done in our office under local anesthesia around the base of the toe.  You can drive yourself, but you will leave with a 'wooden toe' feeling on the toes that were operated on.  It is very important to go right home and get off you feet for that day.  Time to be a 'couch potato'.  You can return to regular activities and even possibly athletic activities the next day.  We will ask that you soak your foot or feet once or twice a day, put on a drop of an antibiotic prescription and apply a bandaid.  Most patients will not need prescription pain medication for this.  We'd like to evaluate healing in a couple of weeks.

Please bring with you a sandal, slipper, or extra large size shoe that can accommodate a rather bulky gauze dressing!

preop bunion

Preoperative planning for a bunionectomy

Here are the following measurements we take from a standing AP x-ray of your foot before your bunionectomy:

Intermetatarsal angle- the angle between the first and second metatarsals.

Proximal articular set angle- the angulation of the cartilage of your first metatarsal.

Hallux valgus angle- the angle between your 1st metatarsal and proximal phalanx.

Step off distance- the uncovered area on the medial side or the first metatarsal from the shifting hallux.

Metatarsal protrusion distance- the relative lengths of the first and second metatarsal.

Your bunion correction is planned preoperatively by measuring the angular correction desired ( the pink lines). This angle is put in a simple trigonometric equation with the width of the metatarsal wedge osteotomy:

tangent of (angular correction desired) X wedge width= Wedge thickness

This equation gives your surgeon the desired thickness of the angular base wedge needed to correct your first metatarsal into anatomic (normal) position.