Custom Molded Foot Orthoses

Custom foot orthotics are precision in-shoe devices made to the cushioning or support of a particular foot pathology as diagnosed by your doctor.  They are scanned or casted for in our office and made for a variety of shoes. They can last a lifetime, but will need refurbishment every few years. As children grow, they will outgrow their orthotics after they've gone up by two shoe sizes or more.  We use the Prolab and Pacific Lab for the manufacturing or our orthotics.  Our staff can help you determine if your insurance will cover all or part of the orthotic costs.

What makes a custom orthotic different?

Custom orthotics are made according to parameters measured by your podiatrist. They are made from a three dimensional digital light scan or plaster cast mold. They take into account your shoe type, activity level as well as cushioning and support demands.  Typical measurements that will be taken of the feet before scanning include:

Resting Calcaneal Stance Position/Subtalar joint range-of-motion/forefoot to rearfoot relationship/ankle dorsiflexion/limb length discrepancy

Two choices:  The Root functional device and the MASS posture device

At the Bellevue Podiatric Physicians, we employ two techniques for custom orthotics:  One is the digital scanning of a traditional 'Root' orthotic pioneered by Merton Root in the 1970's.  The other is a new dynamic orthotic device known as the MASS posture orthotic designed by Ed Glaser of Sole Support. This second device has a  much higher, but more flexible arch.  Each device has it's own merits for certain situations and your physician can help you choose. Here are the links to our labs' websites:

Office dispensed off-the-shelf devices: We can dispense an off-the-shelf orthotic device during your clinic visit and customize it to your shoe style and foot pathology.  The cost will be $49-$68 depending on how much modification is necessary. 

Over the counter devices: For over the counter devices, we will recommended a variety of offerings (depending on shoe needs, cushioning and support issues) and specific online and local stores that carry them. They will range from $40-$75 a pair.